About Us



RAM CHAMPIONS INC. is a coffee company based in USA, that was formed to import coffee from coffee producing countries, enabling the producers gain profit from their products.


The company ensures sustainable livelihoods for the people and communities in which it works. Ram Champions works with small holder farmers in different coffee growing regions within Uganda.

  • Import and sale green coffee in the USA
  • We do Coffee roasting in the USA.
  • Ensure sustainable supply chains that meet the needs of roasters and producers in the sense of traceability.
  • Help roasters find the right coffee for any quality or budget in Africa.
  • Support women and youth into coffee farming as business
  • We also encourage certified coffee to enable producers gain premiums.
  • We emphasize the producers to move into a modern coffee world of better technology, Agronomy, Logistics, Finance to have a permanent coffee industry.

RAM CHAMPIONS invests a lot in quality management, traceability and coffee farming sustainability programs with a quality control laboratory and trainings in GAPs to coffee producers.