Production and Marketing Capacity and Certifications:

CECOFA is fair-trade and 4C certified meaning over 70% of its markets is certified. It has capacity to produce over 70 Boxes/ containers annually of fair-trade.


On the left; Fairtrade certificate for CECOFA and right the Executive Director in one of the marketing trips in Brussels, Belgium

Coffee profile:

  • Altitude: 1450 m
  • Smallholders: 3 ha on average
  • Total area under production: 4,670 ha
  • Growing practices: Mountain microorganism fertilizers and shade trees, terraces and post-harvest handling methods used
  • Coffee variety: Robusta: Screens 12, 15, 18
  • Typical profile: Nutty, woody and creamy cereal notes with a medium to strong body and smooth finish
  • Harvest: January-December
  • Other certifications: 4C

CECOFA Network:
  • CECOFA has continued to network both locally, regionally and internationally in trying to access better markets (We exporting to the USA) for its members. Notably
  • CECOFA is also the current Treasurer Fair Trade Network Uganda.
  • We work with UGACOF & Kyagalanyi Coffee Ltd

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