What We Do

  • Training farmers on good agricultural practices, coffee post-harvest handling which enables the company to promote high quality Robusta coffee.
  • Encouraging youth to maintain coffee farms through games and sports as the entry point.
  • Training farmers in various environmental protection activities like tree replanting programmes and soil protection.
  • Mobilizing of farmers within the central region and other parts of Uganda to do coffee farming as a business.
  • We put special attention on women through training in gender equity and effective involvement in coffee farming as a business.
  • To encourage train and empower farmers to respect value chain
  • To train youth and women join coffee farming as a business
  • Train coffee farmers in diversification
  • Train farmers to protect the environment
  • Train coffee farmers to understand the importance of growing coffee
  • Enable sustainability through CECOFA through coffee exports
  • Fundraising through development partners

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