Social Projects

Note : These projects benefit all the community irrespective of being a CECOFA member or a non member. It’s through these projects that even the non members can be induced to get certified.

Community infrastructures like equipping the police station, clean water (Spring wells), digging pit latrine at schools, and health centres, electric line extension in the community, construction perimeter wall at the factory/ office, toilet improvement at the office are among social projects implemented using Fair-trade premium fund. Coffee farmers and local community members are directly benefiting from the projects.


Also we have found it fit to engage women in coffee farming as a business and also encouraging them to have some carrier path development like handicrafts. Both women and Men do intercropping of Vanilla in their coffee gardens and poultry farming as a side income.


CECOFA was the first producer organization in Uganda to involve young people in coffee farming as a business through games and sports as an entry point. Our Coffee football youth club now has a lot of ambassadors and youthful crusaders and coffee farming.


Community welfare

Through our community social responsibility programs we reach out to community to address the general needs like water and sanitation, environmental protection, health care and infrastructural development.



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